April 8, 2021

Les Mémorables: 2018’s Content We Can’t Forget

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There has been an absolute onslaught of amazing content this year that no other has seen the likes of. Companies are FINALLY realising the value of video as well as the importance of engaging storytelling. Mediocrity JUST WON’T DO.

The heavy hitters are leveraging new social features for their business objectives, from cleverly utilising the basics (i.e. the humble Instagram story) to absolutely owning augmented reality. Content’s on the up, with no signs of slowing down in 2019, but what better way to prep for next year than to appreciate the stellar campaigns that have set the benchmark for 2018’s most dynamic content.

Vive le content revolution!

KLM’s 360 iFly Interactive Magazine:

If you haven’t visited the site already, do what Kool and The Gang suggest and…!

KLM’s 360 iFly Interactive Magazine:

The premise for KLM’s beautifully crafted site is that you the viewer are taking part in a travel adventure with tour guide Kiran Jethra. He leads you through valleys, takes you to see wild elephants and much much more with the website’s interactive features optimised for VR goggles.

But that’s not even the half of it. The site meshes audio, visuals and AR in such a way that you won’t feel like you’re on your laptop in your room. Rather, you’ll be transported to the jungles of Thailand where you’ll join a village who’ll prepare a cup of the world’s rarest coffee for you, all whilst you swat away flies and hear the rushing waters of the river nearby.

No joke. The content has been designed so well that visiting the website feels like you’re visiting another world, the whole experience is fully immersive. While the site at present, showcases only one location, this incredible creative feat is a reflection of what’s to come. Be expecting an amalgamation of multisensory faculties in future

Spotify’s New Year’s Resolution Campaign:

Spotify is no newcomer to the content race. In fact, we’d say they’ve been one of the leaders for a long time coming.

They first blew our minds with their ads personalised to specific locations. Cities saw bright and bold ads relevant to music listened to in those locations. Then they took it another step further with their “New Year’s Resolutions” campaigns which showcased unique playlists created by actual listeners. These hilarious posters not only

look great but show how the future of content is personalised content. Generic ads just won’t cut it anymore, so companies would best spend their budget on creative ideas that make personal connections with those they’re trying to reach.

Here are some of their stellar posters…

Spotify’s New Year’s Resolution Campaign:

And of course this one…

ldi’s Christmas Ad

ldi’s Christmas Ad:

Most companies struggle to stop customers from skipping past their ads on platforms like Spotify or Youtube. However, we can safely say that people love to give Aldi ads a shot. Why? Because they’re wild, ridiculous and yet still very informative. People know they’ll get rewarded for watching, whether it’s with a good laugh or info on their discount mince-meat.

One particular ad making the rounds is their festive champagne ad.

Once again, we see how taking a risk with outlandish content can really set you apart and get you the type of cult following you’re after. The only way to cut through the digital noise after-all, is to stand out from the crowd.

Iconoclast.tv Instagram:

While you may not recognise the name, you’ll definitely recognise their work. Remember The Carter’s “Apeshit” video? How about Kendrick Lamar’s “Element” music video? Masterpieces. You don’t get big budget projects like that without the skills to back them up.

This award-winning production house has big-name directors joining their ranks. They’ve recently introduced veteran Jacques Audiard (“The Beat That My Heart Skipped”, “Venus Beauty Institute” and the upcoming “The Sisters Brothers”) to their team with plenty of projects following suit.

While everything they do showcases their creative prowess, we’d like to focus on how lush their Instagram content is. Not only does their account showcase beautiful images but watching their posted videos is like uncovering a treat in an advent calendar. Each one is a unique delight.

See for yourself why Iconoclast is the production house to watch out for next year.

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